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Moving towards quality education for all

Today there are about 61 million children who are not in basic education, and 880 million adults who cannot read or write.

Africa: almost 1 out of 4 is not going to school

Investing in education is investing on long term

Aren’t there politicians willing to invest in basic education?

 ‘A child aged 8 does not have any economical value yet after 4 or 5 years of education’ and therefor they are only cutting down the budgets.

When we want to make basic education better, it is not just about adding class rooms, it’s about quality as well: we need better pedagogical methods and well trained, respected and motivated teachers.

Any child in the world has to receive quality education at the same standards. This is the only way to erase inequality. It’s an fundament for sustainable peace and development. It is stimulating youths to develop their own society and not to escape through illegal ways.

Large organizations do have the possibilities to influence educational policies,  but do not always have good practical field examples. That is why it is extremely important to promote the existent model schools.