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About us

Afrodidact: (as ‘autodidact’)
Someone who is learning through a well-defined pedagogical method, with the help of an enthusiastic African educational organization.

Currently: a person who gets her/his knowledge at The Swallow, a person gifted, trained, and eager to teach at The Swallow.

Afrodidact stands for innovative quality education in Africa (currently The Gambia). We are putting the basic needs of the children first. Therefor cooperation with the local community is crucial. Health, safety, hygiene and wellbeing of the children and staff are given close attention. The pedagogical and didactical approach focuses on the importance of real life learning. Children at The Swallow are given the opportunity to experiment, to do research, to explore and discover in a fun and friendly environment.

Afrodidact advocates emancipating education. We opt for sustainable development by ensuring that all students are equipped with skills that will be useful throughout their entire lives. The pedagogical method has been developed in practice at The Swallow (The Gambia). Afrodidact’s main objective is to promote the method, and to inspire and/or coach other schools, teachers and organisations.

Expert team
Bart De Wilde
Bart De Wilde, pedagogical consultant

Jan Devos, Flemish Schoolinspection

Prof. Dr. Ides Nicaise, HIVA Leuven

Marleen Clissen, cooperator Catholic Flemish Education

Pascal Lagaet, pedagogical consultant

Carine Van Overtveldt, director nursery school Gaverland Melsele
P.R. team

Geena Lisa, BV and enthusiast chairperson of Afrodidact

Kris Mertens, driven networker for Afrodidact

Céline Kruijs, optimistic representative of Afrodidact

Cindy Baert, convinced promotor of Afrodidact
Coco Jr., singer, inspired spokesman for Afrodidact

Bertrand Verkaeren, secretary and motivated ally in Afrodidact

Frank Demeyere, interested cooperator with Afrodidact
Project manager

Els Salembier, initiator for The Swallow and driven power behind Afrodidact
Sympas and occasional cooperators

Bao Sissoko, musician & participant in the evaluation of The Swallow in 2014

Maïmouna Badjie, former pupil and ambassador for The Swallow

Lotte De Wilde, student & participant in the evaluation of The Swallow in 2014

Shane Deconinck, ICT strategy and implementation