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Vision and Mission

If all women completed primary education, there would be 66% fewer maternal deaths. 
- EFA report 2013/4. page 15


Afrodidact wants to be a project promoting a didactical and pedagogical school model and inspiring other schools anywhere in the world.

Basic principles of this model are:

  • Equal opportunities to all children, with specific attention to children with special needs;
  • Work towards life skills as creative and critical thinking, communication, respect, etc;
  • Prepare for a sustainable society;
  • Emancipating education;
  • A safe, healthy and sustainable school environment and food practices;
  • Effective health services in and for the school;
  • Effective education on sustainable development for students and staff;
  • Focus on diversity (against bias);
  • Joint actions between school and community.

The Swallow (basic school in The Gambia) is the model school, where expeirments are still going on.

Afrodidact has as objectives:

  • Contributing to the promotion and spreading out of this pedagogical method;
  • To link and support professionals willing to work according this model;
  • Collecting and dispatching information on good practices in education;
  • Continuing optimization of practice and theory.