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How it started

Since the beginning of The Swallow, there is support from Belgium. Art for Africa (by the official name of vzw Kukichas) has always been one of the main donors. Since the beginning as well, Art for Africa has been focusing on the importance of The Swallow as a model school, so other schools as well can benefit.

The first group of Afrodidact is organized in 2014 in Belgium, in close cooperation with the board and the collaborators of The Swallow in The Gambia. A group of educational experts did deep level research on the methods of The Swallow in 2015. About ten experts participated in this journey, coming from various scientific fields: science, pedagogy, didactics and culture. The participants with educational background represent a diversity of approaches (special education, inspectorate, scientific research…) and educational levels (nursery, basic and secondary school, university). The artists that are part of the team represent several countries (Belgium, Senegal, The Gambia) and music styles (from traditional West African through reggae to Western pop) Also, two youngsters with an artistic background were part of the public relations team. This brochure is a summary of the screening report made by ten experts after their stay at The Swallow.

In 2016 Art for Africa and Afrodidact joined forces to:

-support The Swallow as a model school

-establish a network in The Gambia and beyond, to contribute to quality education for all.